"I have been a client at Knock on Wood Farm and known Jenn since July 2016.  From the moment I first met Jenn, I was impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and the condition of her facility. Jenn takes meticulous care of the horses that are boarded with her, as well as the property. As a boarder, I feel like I never have any needs that are not met. Stalls are clean, water buckets are full, blankets are changed, rings are dragged, tack & feed rooms are organized, horses are turned out & in on a daily bases and the entire facility has a neat and clean appearance. She is very organized, always on time and cares for each horse as if it was her very own. She takes pride in her business and works tirelessly to ensure the needs of her clients are met. 
One aspect of her business that I appreciate is her organized billing statements. Jenn always keeps track of her billing and sends out electronic statements every month. I also appreciate the opportunity she provides for me to work in exchange for reduced board. 
Soon after I arrived at Knock on Wood, Jenn was instrumental in assisting me with finding a vet to diagnose my mare and subsequently finding a new home for her afterwards. She has strong connections throughout the equine community and her assistance placing my mare in a new home at no cost saved me from absorbing a huge financial obligation. Afterwards, Jenn was key in finding another suitable horse for me to lease. Jenn is always on top of matters relating to the care of my horse and others and puts their care & well being first. 
I recommended Jenn to a friend who also decided to board at Knock on Wood after boarding at another local barn. My friend has said many times how happy she is to have found Jenn as well. 
As a trainer, Jenn is like no other I have ever worked with! She truly cares about her students and teaches with passion. She is patient, gives you her full attention and works to make her students better and more thoughtful riders. My daughter and I enjoy lessoning with Jenn. I have learned more during the time I've been with Jenn than any other trainer before. I have recommended Jenn to others in the past and I will always do so in the future. I'm very happy to have found her and highly recommend to anyone looking for the best care for their horse and riding instruction."

-Teresa Brush, client


"I've known Jenn Cassidy for years, she is extremely professional, good hearted, and talented, and the success of her business shows that. I have purchased horses for my clients through Jenn, and she keeps sales uncomplicated and honest...a breath of fresh air! I now call her first when I am shopping for horses."                

-Karen Pound, Trainer and Owner of Pine Creek Sport Horses, 12/2016

March 29, 2016
Dear Jenn –
     Thank you for connecting me with “Trubble”. I couldn’t ask for a better match. As you know, I was never going to own a horse. I was going to lease forever. Now that I own “Trubble”, I can’t imagine not owning a horse. You read my mind even when I couldn’t. That is quite a talent.
     I plan to be with Trub for many years, but when it is time to get another horse, I will be at your doorstep. Your ability to partner people with their perfect equine is unsurpassed. I also want to thank you for being there after the sale to help me learn how to take proper care of my best friend.
Thank you forever,
Martha (Marty) Biggs